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Q1. What do you want to protect over life ?
Q2. What moment do you want to give to your girlfriend ?
Q3. How would you open the heart of a girl who has a solid guard ?
Q4. Tell something recent !

A1. « To put into words a thing you though » that personality. To lose many things, but I absolutely don’t want to bend only this. Of course, I don’t always think that my opinion is right. I abide to my companion opinions. Because I hate not saying anything just to have an opinion, only to regret it later.
A2. A girl who behaves like a spoiled child is instantly not good, if she doesn’t immediately put some effort it’s « impossible~ ».  When I’ll encounter a women, I want to firmly wait, I like people with a strong mental. On the contrary usually when solid people feel down, I’ll certainly help them if they need it with my whole energy.
A3. I think that I’ll accost her first. However, if the girl that I like, if it does’t change, I won’t do anything. In the first place, I’m the type to be satisfied just by looking at her from a distance.
A4. I’ll be graduated from the university at years 3. I seriously did my best for year 2 because of my planned unit after 2 years I enjoyed my campus life which passed by. And the « Johnny’s Ginza 2014 » preparation started. Since i’m hoping to do a fun stage !

Kochi Yugo’s date plan

Since a date at home is much trouble, I want the two of us to cook. Therefore I teach a takoyaki party! And moreover, it's fun to put various ingredients. We’ll go together at the supermarket « Let’s put some wasabi and russian roulette! Natto also be suitable unexpectedly », « Also, let’s make some baby sponge cake with hotcakes ? » we talk about such things like that while buying food ! When we finish our meal, we would watch a DVD movie. First, watch a romance based in a good mood❤︎ However, since I don’t know any comedy, I’d like to let my girlfriend select one. Later, we would watch a horror movie! In fact, this is a strategy, she’ll be so scared that she wouldn’t go back at home (laugh). Because to say bye bye is lonely. But while the ulterior motive is hidden…I’ll properly escort her to her house !

16:30・« Welcome » in my house
17:00・Go to a supermarket and rental shop nearby hand in hand
17:30・Start the takoyaki party

19:00・Watch a romance movie
21:00・Watch a horror movie after
23:00・Escort her to her house

E-mail to be sent on a date after
thank you for today
the Takoyaki party
was fun
The interesting DVD was available
Because I searched for it too
Thank you very much
for today
Yours sincerely ^^
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When I was a kid, I was really close of a girl, but when I was 2 years old, that girl suddenly moved away, I wasn’t able to convey to her. Because I think to me it was obvious that we would always be together, but I was very shocked, for some reason, at that time I didn’t give in and said « Ah, I see, hmm » I was pretending to be calm… I wonder why I couldn’t be more honest, now it’s going to be a painful feeling to remember. Now, if I have to give a type of girl that I like, it’s definitely the bittersweet type ! Or should I say a cool feeling, it would be good if together we would be people who enjoys the conversation and calm down. To behave like spoiled children all over would probably be impossible. Rather than a bitter flavor I should say a black flavor !? (laugh) It will be fine with zero sugar in love. By the way in relation to genuine article, my favorite chocolates are the black ones (laugh). With the exception of 3, my type of girl wouldn’t be the sweets one ? Besides the girl of earlier was sweet and it seems like she has a sweet face. For the new year’s day I did a stage performance, I watched with my family the wide drama «kagemusha tokugawa ieyasu » where I appeared for the new year’s holiday. I received a lot of impressions from various people who said « It was interesting », I was very happy. After that, not very long ago, I have a brand new suit for the coming-of-age ceremony. It’s going to be really fun to wear it !
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(A thing you can do for the person you like, a thing that you want to give to her ?)

When she feels like her body is weak, I want to give her anything. Because usually, it doesn’t bother me to stir up people. When my mother is tired, I spontaneously take the initiative to help her, like cleaning the bathroom. When she tells me « tomorrow you are working so hurry up and go to the bed » I hoist my voice and say something like « you work too, so hurry up and go to the bed ». In the old days I would say something like « shut up I know that! », also I wasn’t an adult, huh. Everyone heard rather good words from their mom. Try to teach me well ? It almost hit me that mom has told me such things like that until now, right ?

( A junior who would confess honestly and seems like a romantic date is ? )

Kajiyama! Habitually that guy’s behavior like his facial expression and dance movements seems like he would have a certain mood to do something seriously stinky (laugh). (What he’s trying to say is that he’s way too hot on stage xD) The atmosphere is a full blast of the Showa’s era (laugh). When I was the first on the stage play of « ANOTHER », when I heard « Since I was a high school student, I couldn’t go out late in the evening after 8 pm » I was like « Eh a junior high school student !? », I said « It’s a lie, right !? » It was quite a sock (laugh).
(A recent thing)
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This is a request from ohryouchipi
So here, some juniors were selectionnated to talk about Kochi. I wasn't able to translate Hirano's part because there's a kanji that I can't see since it's fuzzy. Also Jinguji Yuta talked about Kochi in a formal way, proof that he respects his senpai. Enjoy !


We are naming !
We give you catch phrases !
They all have a reliable big brother, an eternal naughty boy★ Their marked catch phrases are !?

This month it’s Kouchi Yugo

Kyomoto is naming !
A nonchalantly Junior

He always offer me drink or food in his presence.  I’ve gotten used to it, when he does it (lol) !

Jesse is naming !
Mother of everyone

He has more a mother feeling rather a father one. Because he always watch over everyone♥

Shintaro is naming !
He’s an adult outside and a kid inside

Because he looks like a man, but there’s a lot of cute part within him.

Jinguji is naming !

To me, Kouchi-man is handling superman☆ He’s funny, he looks like he has a big brother presence.

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06 October 2013 @ 08:22 pm
BNZTKJ Myojo 2012-05 (9)

Celebration•Admission&Promotion! New school term is something wonder and fired up. In spring, 8th grade Shintaro, Juri who will become a 10th grade happily Kochi Yugo who’s going to entry to the university talks about their ambitions and school life.

▲✖University ☆❍ Undergraduate
student card

The following person, is a student of this university department and verify some things

24 year new entrance heisei
Kochi Yugo
●STUDENT DATA● Travel time/40 minutes by train, a 10 minute walk from the station to university Club/Undecided «I want to enter a circle of sports I’ve never tried before!» Favorite school subject/Physical education Weak school subject/Classic Test highest point/88 points Test lowest point/25 points Pen case contents/12 pens, 2 erasers Lunch/Vegetable sticks Recess time/Sleep, talking with my friends Like clean/Tennis court clean Appearing frequently after school/Billiards room
My enthusiasm will not end !
Removal●College student opening

● I do become a university student, but I seem discouraged since there’s many challenges from the entrance before (laugh). I’m looking forward the class of image in college. Now, I take a standpoint. That’s why I prefer to try to take the opposite ♪ Also, since I like the spain soccer team, I choose spanish classes. Isn’t it cool if you become fluent ? But having one’s hand full the subject and when I look at it with my eyes I though this looks badー!!
●Now I want to experience various challenges. I even though to study abroad, but if I become home-sick it will probably be impossible... (laugh). Travelling just alone is good ? There’s a part you’re not tie as university student, because I think I don’t have to take responsabilities for myself, however I’ll firmly disciplined.

BNZTKJ Myojo 2012-05 (9)
A fan gave it to me, I always put it in my bag. Girls are deft !

When there’s small time whether I’m not sleepy, to wake up, to lie down, I don’t know why, but I got an frantically attitude or I fake it...

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The ideal timetable
Sans titre-1

Don't repost it anywhere
If there's some mistakes, don't hesitate to tell me.
There's a sentence I wasn't able to translate but it wasn't really an important one, he was just talking about his wash face items.

A1. A sequel that you’ll do the most normally ?
A2. The rule is to tell with your words «Your own ‘life’ story» you have to apply with OO. (the question is a little hard to translate -> «自分の物語 (人生) とは...である» に当てはまる言葉は?)
A3. If you had to write a love story, what will it be ?
A4. Tell us something recent !

A1. Basically, I was weak at printing type, but after I went to college, I began to read little by little for the reports. Until now, the most interesting book that I read was the book Nakata Hidetoshi-san wrote about soccer. Because there’s some interesting words from someone who succeeded, I managed to try to read a such book.
A2. «A series of unexpected events». Because after all it’s too unexpected for me to appear on TV (lol). Even now, I’m embarrassed to see myself on TV. And I think that people like Nakajima (Kento) are suited for TV.
A3. I’m the senior woman type, but when it comes to writting a story it’s the opposite a younger love story it seems like I’ll be able of more various delusion. The setting is a third year middle school student I’m going to entering a high school, and she’s a junior in the same middle school and we’re going to be separated. But, she won’t say «I’m lonely»... it looks like she’ll pretend to be though, it’s okay if she talks with sweetness and bitterness (lol).
A4. It was fun when the guest Yoshizumi-san in «School Kakumei !» talked about the weather. He teached me many various things in our free time like «during a lightning storm it’s relatively safe in a car». Also, I went fishing with my father after a long time. But there’s some harmful scoprionfish like sea chub, however we didn’t eat any fish, we just fished (lol).
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17 August 2013 @ 07:16 pm
I bought them at the Official Johnny's Shop two weeks ago when I was in Japan. And I though I could share them with everyone.
I'm sorry for the bruises on the photos, but my print isn't the best when it's about to scan. You can use them as you want :). A simple "thanks" is still appreciated x).

RehearsealxWorld (Johnny's Jr. no shinjitsu)


Live House Johnnys Ginza

Johnny's World

Papz Pics
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I would like to learn a language !
Let’s get closer to breath with this magazine ♥

Q.1 How do you wake up in the morning ?
Since it’s only my mobile phone that wakes me up, I’m wondering if it’s okay like that ?
I set to wake up 30 minutes before the time I get up, I get up by a snooze function little by little.

Q.2 Do you bask in the shower ?
I bask if it’s a day there’s work I think I properly take a shower, but if it’s the case of the university, since I don’t care about my hairstyle I don’t necessary take a shower wich is bad, right~.

Q.3 What do you eat for breakfast ?
My mother makes me a bento for work, then I make a onigiri in the occasion, since there’s many japanese type. (He’s talking about the bento)

Q.1 When it’s time of choosing clothes?
While I snooze up for 30 seconds, wandering what to wear. Because mostly I’m decided about the underpants. But for such a long time I enjoyed the uniform, uh~.

Q.5 At what time do you set your hair?
When I’m working it’s 15 minutes. When it’s the university it’s only 5 seconds !

Q.6 How do you spend your vacation?
When it’s breaktime, I talk with my friends in front of the classroom. While I eat an ice-cream. When it’s lunch time at the cafeteria. The salt ham is good as hell !

Q.7 The thing you unintentionally buy at the konbini store?
Ice cream and candies ! I offer an ice cream for my mates. Fruits candies are the basis, right ? Inside there’s 1 grain in 1 package of various taste, it’s super delicious ♪

Q.8 When do you need a bag?
To contain potch of latex, face lotion and milky lotion. When I’m going at things such as onsen, hot springs I like it as possible, but when I’m going out my face is stretching and since I don’t like it, I take them with me.

Q.9 How many mails do you send in a day? (No idea what a 'SNS' is. But it's probably something like a mail ?)
I’m considerable. I didn’t learn anything, but I think I probably go with no less than 500 ? I do too much group chatting so I go with 100 !

Q.10 Make a formal pre-conversation of mails with your name, please!
Yu➝ Yurakucho. Recently I was going to Clie.
U➝ Ueno. I’m passing in the midst of Ueno ! I sent it.
Go➝ Gohan (rice). I was invited by my friends.

Q.11 The first thing you do when you go back at home?
I wash my hands. I don’t touch things at home. I keep hating to wear my socks on my bed !  Also when my friends come, I don’t tell them but actually it bother me.

Q.12 Bathtub?Shower?
By far, Bathtub. It's because I like a lot public bath. I go to the public bath about one week. Since I’ll do a futsal with the return of that friend ♪

Q.13 Something you can cook by yourself?
The best; with pride, is omurice. Someday I’d like to do rice with Kurirun, one day I’ll place a mushy on the top, no matter wich one it is I like it !

Q.14 What clothes do you wear when you go to sleep?
A jersey top and bottom. For the present time. For most of people it will be the pants, though (laugh). I still wear jersey to sleep. The color is glue.

Q.15 A dream you had recently?
I...hadn’t. However when I have one I can properly remember it... Since recently I don’t remember it, I wonder If I had one ? Hey sound sleep !

Column Orange x6

Q.In terms of orange food ?
Oranges. My neighbor is planting oranges trees, I get some of them it’s super delicious !

Q.A thing in your house where there’s orange.
Where, right~ ? The leather shoes, right ?  I don’t really wear them, but my friend bought them for me before.

Q. In terms of a orange feeling ?
Such as an image of the morning ? When I’m looking at the sun, I feel energetic~.

Q.In terms of a girl in orange ?
A girl with a considerable power. Even if she makes a blunder the feeling that she’s anxious but positive.

Q.A senpai with an orange image ?
Masuda-kun from NEWS. He looks like the sun, that’s why he has that energetic image !

Q. A Jr. with an orange image?
Morimoto Shintaro. Since he’s always noisy, that guy is re-ally energetic (laugh).

Recent memo Currently Yugo
Today, I changed of hairstyle. I cut them !
How ? Recently I always used to have black hair, but this time I tried to put two block.

● PROFILE Kouchi ● Yugo March 8 1994, in Kanagawa. Blood type A.


Since I'm not fluent in japanese, not sure at 100% if it's accurate but it's almost like that.
If I did some mistakes, please don't hesitate and tell me ! :)
Hope you enjoyed ! :D

Don't repost it or claim it as yours !
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08 February 2012 @ 03:54 am
«From now on, let's flying! ♡»
Complete set masterpiece! B.I.Shadow ☆ GALLERY paper planes

Made by Fuma Title 6661117 Number of puzzle's keywords
Made by Kento Title Love&Peace Lovely-Café easy to see!
Made by Yugo Title Remake-Beyonce I've add some eyebrows at the end♥
Made by Hokuto Title B.I.Sha Number A star with a design's stars, Design-Hoshi

4 people are in the line at the same time to fly and having fun!

Kikuchi: Today, I made a paper plane with a realisation degree of about...5%, uh (laugh). The truth is I wanted it to be a little stiffer.
Nakajima: I think he's good enough. The truth is that my eyes can't stand on the letters wrote in seal, this white seal of lace paste below.
Matsumura: Ah, I took it! I also wrote it in hiragana. I didn't consult him as we were expected, we though the same thing...
Kouchi: They are members, uh (laugh). As me, the point is the face I draw.

Nakajima: YU-GO, is an insert good character too, uh. When we were children, we also used to play with the paper planes, didn't we ? Because when I went to the parc, I used to play it.
Kouchi: Me too, when I was in preschool, it was popular to tossing it in the air.
Kikuchi: I did it too. (Looking at Kouchi's plane paper)
Kouchi: ...Well, I think the eyebrows that I draw are good enough (laugh).
Kikuchi: Let's focus on white story (laugh)
Nakajima: In order with "Fly", the next topic is...
Kikuchi: Flying!
Nakajima: Now, coming out the discussion when we succed to fly at the 'SUMMARY'.
Kikuchi: Actually, at the beginning, imagine flying above and see that it rises very high, scared me.
Kouchi: There was especially 20 persons who were scared of flying.
Nakajima: Before flying, I did the revolution's scene, actually it was extremely hard.
Matsumura: Certainly hard. Recently, I have this feeling that I slowly cling to the cadence.
Nakajima: Great! Don't tell me that it's because of Sakura-Flying (Flying at the middle of the stage), I was really happy, because I though that we couldn't succeed the 4 of us.
Kouchi: Actually, for this flying scene, I was dancing normally until at the middle I wasn't decided to doing it. But I though "If everyone can, then I can do it".
Matsumura: This opinion should be the same for the 4 of us, uh.
Kikuchi: No but I wanted to dance, uh~.
Nakajima: Liar. You had to fly (laugh).
Kikuchi: It was that ?
Kouchi: After that, I find this amusing flying above of the audience.
Everyone: Yeah, it was amusing!
Matsumura: The audience was clearly visible.
Nakajima: It's true, I also though that by seeing them clearly.
Kouchi: Everyone was "Wow~", I enjoyed seeing their faces, and it gived me some energy.
Matsumura: Power in ebullition !
Nakajima: This excitation at that place was unique, uh. Then, we will talk about a private part. "Do you know that boys have usually a flying character", who think being listed with thoses type of persons ?
Kikuchi: I'm not.
Nakajima: I'm not.
Matsumura: I'm not.
Kouchi: ...
Nakajima: Hey you, you're supposed to say "I'm not", there (laugh).
Kouchi: No but, I think that everyone is different, so it's difficult...
Nakajima: Probably. Because except me, everyone has scattered personalities. Fine, so let's talk about "Flies" relationship, is there some of them ?
Kouchi: Ah, me, according to a fortune teller, this summer I'll show myself doing some bungee jump, I though it was the opportunity to become instructor (laugh).
Kikuchi: If it occurs, that wouldn't be careful that you become instructor (laugh).
Nakajima: But bungee jump is good. I would like having a chance to try it.
Kikuchi: Me too, I wanna try it !
Kouchi: Let's do it the 4 of us together, it will certainly be our first jump for Fuma and I.
Nakajima: No, I'll jump at the end, because I'm a bird ?
Kouchi: With my Human-birds group (laugh).
Matsumura: After that, Kouchi and I, we will be in 'Shounen-tachi koshi naki rougoku' start in this fall.
Kouchi: Yeah, but it's the first time I still can't imagine a stage-name, anyway, we will do our best !
"Who'll be the first to throw it the farest away !?"
"3, 2, 1...

The winner of this race is Hokuto "B.I.Sha Number"

It's the first time that I win in a gachinko's game !! Members are supposed to not being happy "One more time!". After many times, it finally changed..."It's really the last time!", talking about that, the 'P' letter traced has been caught by the winner...Hokuto !! The 3 others do not go agreement, so they have thoses vexed expressions (laugh). "In this moment, I am the winner~" Kento is vexed "Why did it fly behind !", Fuma raise from the miracle, Kouchi's plane get snapped ahead and he remodeled, without any results !
@ credit translation goes to me!
@ Credit scan goes to

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